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Register to Become a Pure Scientific Practitioner

This website is divided into two sections: a public area and a separate section specifically for practitioners. Practitioners are invited to log-in to the secure area of this website to transact orders which patients cannot access.

To access the secure portion of our website, please register to become a participating practitioners as follows:

Please fax a copy of your current, valid license in the state where you are domiciled/practicing and your contact information to “PS Registration” toll free to: (877) 877-8283, or email the information to: admin@purescientific.com..

Your information is kept confidential, is not shared with anyone and will be used only to verify practitioner status for the purpose of establishing a professional wholesale account.

Please provide this contact information about yourself:
  • Name & credential (current state license & post doctoral certifications)
  • For medical students (school attended, date of graduation)
  • Clinic/Practice Name
  • Clinical focus, area of interest or specialty
  • Bill To Address
  • Ship To Address
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Preferred Contact Name & Telephone Number
  • Preferred Email Address (to receive confidential log-in)
Upon confirmation of your licensed healthcare practitioner status, Pure Scientific will contact you by email to provide you with a confidential practitioner log-in that grants permission to enter the secure price & ordering portion of the practitioner website.

Please note that the email you provide to us will be where we send the confidential log-in pass code.

We look forward to supporting your healthcare practice.